this holiday was so much better

i want to go home 

i want to love my family more

i want to enjoy being with them because i know they are all lovely people really

i want to stop being so sad

and moody

i want to cheer up and stop being so horrible to be around all the time

Chill n apps

aw i’ve found a notebook i used to doodle etc in and i haven’t done anything in it for ages so i’m going to do something in that and i have a feeling it will be the most cheerful thing in there so far

but yey i am excited because i just got home and am feeling in a pretty productive mood

i’ve been happy for a pretty long time now tbf

Tad muddy #truck2014 #mud #festival #notpissed #loveyall

You can do a lot in 24 hours tbf, especially if you stay up all night. 
I’ve spent pretty much all of the past 24 hours at jaz’s and I was just thinking in the bath that we’ve done quite a lot since I went out this time yesterday

At truck I had sex more times than I saw bands play

i had such a good weekend eeeee

what the fuck is wrong with me

many decisions and probably mistakes