hyperventilating in the shower is not cool

i cried on the way home despite the fact that i had a nice weekend and an iPhone waiting for me when i got home

i don’t understand why you’re so awful and i feel partly responsible for your behaviour

"It’s so beautiful to kiss someone who actually means a lot to you."

— Alena M. (via breanna-lynn)


School is more bearable if you go in at 2pm

i’m so tired now but today was a good day

it’s actually painful watching my parents hug

though today was okay considering

it’s ridiculous
i’m spending more time in my head than outside of it
a teacher told me today that i just need more confidence
i never used to need confidence, i was always the one with the confidence.
i am too scared to do anything and i just keep making all situations worse by making myself terrified to do anything, and make good things seem like bad things in my head
i cannot appreciate properly what i have, i am actually so lucky so i should be really happy?? but no for some reason i’m not and i keep focusing on the bad and working everything up in my head until i actually can’t do things (this mainly applies to school but i am having a general moan about everything) ugh it’s not even about everything though because everything is actually all fine.
it’s me ugh it’s me it’s all me. everything is fine except in my head yet i refuse to leave my head or don’t exactly know how to
holiday pls

i didn’t see him pour milk into the tea