someone talk to me n make me feel better pls

awh multiple people talked to me yayay faveys as well

why the fuck does change still get to me as much as it does

i thought i had got so much better than this but hm nah i guess not. fuck sake

i don’t think i actually exaggerate much about my parents

i was on top of the world during this

some days i just have no emotions and it makes me kinda sad but not like properly sad just kinda numb, i can’t feel anything. i don’t know why it happens, like yesterday i was one of the happiest people breathing but today i can barely remember that, today i am just empty inside. any affection shown towards me just rolls off in the same way tears occasionally drip off my face on the bad days when i have my emotions. i don’t know if those days are worse than these, because at least then i can feel something, i at least feel alive, even if i can’t stop crying. this is even worse this time because i am not used to it anymore, i have been so so happy, properly happy, where i can even ignore the fact that it can’t last like this forever, i even learnt how to be happy enough to not mind that it won’t last forever because i will always know that i was just happy. the worst thing is, nothing has changed. i should still be this happy but for some unknown reason to me, i am just numb.


anytime i try to think i panic and start crying

why am i upset/angry all the time

woah i haven’t looked at my bucket list in ages, yay i can cross off